Citadel 20 oz. Grizzly Cup

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These cups are custom made at the time the order is placed. Please allow 7-10 days for shipment.

The cups are coated with Duracoat firearm finish, there for there is a 3-4 week timeframe for complete curing. Your cup will ship before this time is passed. Included with your cup will be the date the cup was completed and further information on Duracoat and the curing process. Although the cup can be used once it is received we recommend that the cup is used carefully. For example, avoid placing it in a cup holder until the curing time is complete. 

We also recommend that the cups be hand washed and avoid using a dishwasher  


  • Custom Coated in Citadel Blue and White Duracoat Firearm Finish
  • Double-wall vacuum insulated
  • Ergonomic built in hand grip
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Rubberized grip pad to keep the cup from sliding
  • Smoked polymer lid
  • Sweat Free
  • BPA Free