About Us

Valhalla Iron Company was started in 2016 by four police officers. Our company concentrates on custom coating for firearms and drinkware, laser engraving, and custom vinyl decal cutting.  We are still proudly a law enforcement owned and operated business.

 Valhalla Iron Co. takes great pride in the work we do to customize your product and believes in the process we use to apply Duracoat to your product. Due to Duracoat being designed primarily as a firearms finish, it has not gone through the process necessary to be listed as a food safe product. We recommend using a lid, and we will not coat any portion of the product that comes directly into contact with food or drink. However, we also understand that while Duracoat is a durable and strong product, it is not a bulletproof coating and can be damaged if mishandled. Valhalla Iron Co. follows the recommendations from Duracoat for the curing process, which states that the coating takes 3-4 weeks to fully harden to its final strength. Duracoat is extremely durable and scratch resistant once it fully hardens but can be susceptible to damage from mistreatment of the product severe enough to cause damage to the product material. Valhalla Iron Co. will fully warranty any coating defect that occurs under normal use for 30 days past the delivery of the product and will fix or replace the product within that time frame at our expense. If accidental damage does occur to your product within that time frame, please contact us, and we will be glad to review the damage and work with you to fix the problem. Additional fees may apply (cost of paint, shipping, etc).

Valhalla Iron Co. utilizes a Fiber Laser to engrave metals and polymers. We offer to engrave various firearm parts, Miranda warning cards, and other metal and polymer objects.  

Valhalla Iron Company has decided to take on the symbol of the Norse God Tyr. The God Tyr is the Norse god of war, justice, and oath keeping. The symbol or Tyr is represented by an arrow-shaped T rune that points toward the heavens. Viking warriors would engrave the Tyr rune on their weapons to provide battle luck and to make their weapons unbreakable in battle. A warrior who engraved this symbol on their weapon made it known they would see through their oath and serve the cause of justice on the battlefield. The Tyr dedicated warrior would be willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good much like Tyr sacrificed his hand for the binding of Fenrir in Norse lore. Only the most honorable warriors can live up to these expectations and be an Oath keeper and warrior for justice.

Dripping Punisher Skull PMAGCamo Springfield XDM